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Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

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The Journal of Environmental Economics and Management publishes theoretical and empirical papers devoted to specific natural resources and environmental issues. For consideration, papers should (1) contain a substantial element embodying the linkage between economic systems and environmental and natural resources systems or (2) be of substantial importance in understanding the management and/or social control of the economy in its relations with the natural environment. Although the general orientation of the journal is toward economics, interdisciplinary papers by researchers in other fields of interest to resource and environmental economists will be welcomed. The journal is intended to be of interest not only to research economists but also to the scientific community concerned with resource and environmental management research. JEEM Policy Concerning Replication. For any paper published in this journal, all data used must be clearly documented. Computational methods must be explained in sufficient detail to permit replication, and data used in analyses must be made available to any researcher for purposes of replication. The Editor must be notified at the time that a paper is submitted to the journal, if these conditions cannot be met.

ISSN: 0095-0696

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