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TDNet Discover: The easy way to access library resources

TDNet as the provider of openURL subscribed by CIFOR, has provided a platform that integrates access to all of the internal and external information resources, known as TDNet Discover.

TDNet Discover enables us to discover and access information within institution content repositories, external repositories, licensed and Open Access publishers’ content, and the web. It provides a single interface for finding full text content; available from publishers, vendors, and aggregators that drives the user through content delivery workflows. It helps us discover and access subscribed and open source content. It offers an integrated web-scale search facility, extending research to a global collection of scholarly publications.

TDNet Discover offers:

  • One search box
  • Access local, commercial, open access pre-harvested content
  • Subject-specific web-scale-search
  • Search expansion to non-indexed content
  • Personal area: alerts, searches, documents, preferences
  • Integrated OpenURL resolver.

Please let us know when you need assistance to explore TDNET. You can access TDNet Discover in library page.