Copyright management

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As author, you are responsible for securing any permissions needed to reproduce material created by other people, including images and text quotations. It may also be necessary for you to request permission to reprint your own previously published work.

It is essential that permissions are obtained in writing. You will need to seek out permission for:

  • Quotations of over 300 words from a book
  • Quotations of over 50 words from another journal
  • Charts, tables or graphs
  • Photographs
  • Reproduction of web pages or screenshots
  • Certain trademark usage

The Library can help you obtain permission to use copyright materials, check for blanket permission, identify and locate the copyright owner and contact the right owners.

To get copyright clearance/permission assistance, please provide the library team with the following information:

  • Detailed citation of the publication that you want to use. If it is a map, table, figure and/or picture, please also provide us with the page number and the number of the illustration. If the work is in digital format, please provide the name of the website and the precise URL.
  • Detailed information of your work and your dissemination plan, especially if it is not planned to be disseminated through CIFOR.

Email the Library Team at for assistance and further information about copyright