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Applied Economic Perspective and Policy

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Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy will publish articles that achieve two objectives: to synthesize, integrate and analyze areas of current applied economic research within the mission of the AAEA in order to inform the decision-making and policy-making community; and to stimulate linkages between sub-fields of agricultural and applied economics in a way that illuminates and focuses future research and increases knowledge among researchers about the impact of public policy. The journalÂ’s aim is to reframe the breadth of available technical economic literature to inform future economic research and broader audiences by presenting high quality agricultural and applied economic research in a way that is generally accessible. In each issue of the journal, at least two perspectives articles, specifically solicited by the editors, will focus on selected themes of interest, alongside which will be published submitted articles. Proposals for themes are encouraged, and should be sent to the editor responsible for perspectives articles. The mission of the AAEA is to enhance the skills, knowledge, and professional contributions of economists who help society solve agricultural, development, environmental, food and consumer, natural resource, regional, rural, and associated applied economics and business problems

ISSN: 2040-5790

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