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Nature & Faune is an international, peer-reviewed, bilingual (English and French) publication of the FAO Regional Office for Africa. The magazine was established in 1985 at the request of members of the African Forestry and Wildlife Commission (AFWC) to provide possibilities for authors to exchange information and scientific knowledge and experiences on wildlife and protected area management and the sustainable utilization and conservation of natural resources in Africa. In the past the magazine was produced in hard copy, now the magazine is produced twice a year in digital format under the coordination of the FAO Regional Forestry Officer for Africa. The magazine is an information source for a broad audience in Africa, containing articles, papers and news items from policy makers, researchers, wildlife authorities, students etc. The aim of the magazine is to disseminate information (scientific and technical knowledge) and promote the exchange of experiences on wildlife, protected area management and the sustainable use and conservation of natural resources in Africa. Specific objectives of the magazine are to: Contribute to information sharing among people and organizations involved in natural resource management in the broadest sense, and to enhance collaboration, avoid duplication of research efforts and provide useful information on innovative natural resource management practices to all stakeholders; Provide an opportunity for African authors to publish information about their (field) work to a wide audience of interested readers and for national project managers to report on FAO's work in the field of natural resource management; Provide a clearing house for innovations and new developments in the field of wildlife, protected areas management and the sustainable use and conservation of natural resources in Africa; Inform readers about scientific and technical findings, financing opportunities, research opportunities, meetings or other activities of interest in the sector.

ISSN: 2026-5611

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