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  • Demandes nationales de sciages: Obstacle ou opportunité pour promouvoir l'utilisation des ressources forestières d'origine légale au Cameroun?

    Authors: Lescuyer, G.; Tsanga, R.; Mendoula, E.E.; Ahanda, B.X.E.; Ouedraogo, H.A.; Fung, O.; Dubiez, E.; Logo, P.B.

    Publication year: 2016

    En signant un Accord de Partenariat Volontaire du plan d'action FLEGT, le Cameroun s'est engagé à alimenter son marché intérieur du bois avec des sciages produits de manière conforme à la réglementation. Ce rapport passe en revue les différents types...

  • Technical Efficiency Analysis of Small-scale Cassava Farming in Lao PDR

    Authors: Soukkhamthat, T.; Wong, G.Y.

    Publication year: 2016

    This study investigates returns of scale, estimates technical efficiency, and identifies the determinant factors of the efficiency of small-scale cassava farming in Vientiane and Savannakhet provinces, Lao PDR. Cross-sectional data on inputs, output, and farming characteristics from 193 cassava farmers...

  • Modeling of ecosystem services informs spatial planning in lands adjacent to the Sarvelat and Javaherdasht protected area in northern Iran

    Authors: Zarandian, A.; Baral, H.; Stork, N.E.; Ling, M.A.; Yavari, A.R.; Jafari, H.R.; Amirnejad, H.

    Publication year: 2017

    Dynamic models of ecosystem services supply and scenario analysis of changes in multiple services are being increasingly used to support land use planning and decision making. This approach reduces potential and real conflicts among various stakeholders potentially creating win–win solutions...

  • Why do forest products become less available?: A pan-tropical comparison of drivers of forest-resource degradation

    Authors: Hermans-Neumann, K.; Gerstner, K.; Geijzendorffer, I.R.; Herold, M.; Seppelt, R.; Wunder, S.

    Publication year: 2016

    Forest products provide an important source of income and wellbeing for rural smallholder communities across the tropics. Although tropical forest products frequently become over-exploited, only few studies explicitly address the dynamics of degradation in response to socio-economic drivers. Our study...

  • Multi-stakeholder processes to strengthen policies for small and medium-scale forestry enterprises in Indonesia

    Authors: Purnomo, H.; Achdiawan, R.; Shantiko, B.; Amin, S.M.; Irawati, R.H.; Melati; Wardell, D.A.

    Publication year: 2016

    The furniture industry is the most labor-intensive and the most important forest industry for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia. Power imbalances among actors participating in furniture value chains jeopardize the sustainability of the furniture industry. Regional and global...

  • A new valuation school: Integrating diverse values of nature in resource and land use decisions

    Authors: Jacobs, S.; Dendoncker, N.; Martín-López, B.; Barton, D.N.; Gomez-Baggethun, E.; Boeraeve, F.; McGrath, F.L.; Vierikko, K.; Geneletti, D.; Sevecke, K.J.; Pipart, N.; Primmer, E.; Mederly, P.; Schmidt, S.; Aragão, A.; Baral, H.; Bark, R.H.; Briceno, T.; Brogna, D.; Cabral, P.; De Vreese, R.; Liquete, C.; Mueller, H.; Peh, K.S-H.; Phelan, A.; Rincón Ruiz, A.; Rogers, S.H.; Turkelboom, F.; Van Reeth, W.; van Zanten, B.T.; Wam, H.K.; Washbourne, C-L.

    Publication year: 2016

    We are increasingly confronted with severe social and economic impacts of environmental degradation all over the world. From a valuation perspective, environmental problems and conflicts originate from trade-offs between values. The urgency and importance to integrate nature's diverse values in...

  • Measuring the effectiveness of landscape approaches to conservation and development

    Authors: Sayer, J.A.; Margules, C.; Boedhihartono, A.K.; Sunderland, T.C.H.; Langston, J.D.; Reed, J.; Riggs, R.; Buck, L.E.; Campbell, B.M.; Kusters, K.; Elliott, C.; Minang, P.A.; Dale, A.; Purnomo, H.; Stevenson, J.R.; Gunarso, P.; Purnomo, A.

    Publication year: 2017

    Landscape approaches attempt to achieve balance amongst multiple goals over long time periods and to adapt to changing conditions. We review project reports and the literature on integrated landscape approaches, and found a lack of documented studies of their long-term...

  • A synthesis of convergent reflections, tensions and silences in linking gender and global environmental change research

    Authors: Iniesta-Arandia, I.; Ravera, F.; Buechler, S.; Diaz-Reviriego, I.; Fernández-Giménez, M.E.; Reed, M.G.; Thompson-Hall, M.; Wilmer, H.; Aregu, L.; Cohen, P.; Djoudi, H.; Lawless, S.; Martín-López, B.; Smucker, T.; Villamor, G.B.; Wangui, E.E.

    Publication year: 2016

    This synthesis article joins the authors of the special issue "Gender perspectives in resilience, vulnerability and adaptation to global environmental change" in a common reflective dialogue about the main contributions of their papers. In sum, here we reflect on links...

  • The impact of swidden decline on livelihoods and ecosystem services in Southeast Asia: A review of the evidence from 1990 to 2015

    Authors: Dressler, W.H.; Wilson, D.; Clendenning, J.; Cramb, R.; Keenan, R.J.; Mahanty, S.; Bruun, T.B.; Mertz, O.; Lasco, R.D.

    Publication year: 2016

    Global economic change and policy interventions are driving transitions from long-fallow swidden (LFS) systems to alternative land uses in Southeast Asia's uplands. This study presents a systematic review of how these transitions impact upon livelihoods and ecosystem services in the...

  • Defining Illegal Forest Activities and Illegal Logging

    Authors: Tacconi, L.; Cerutti, P.O.; Leipold, S.; Rodrigues, R.J.; Savaresi, A.; Phuc, T.; Weng, X.

    Publication year: 2016

    A dictionary definition of the term illegal tells us that it means something "not allowed by the law".1 According to the same dictionary, a law is "the system of rules of a particular country, group or area of activity". To...