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EndNote traveling library

​The phrase “traveling library” refers to EndNote citations embedded in a Microsoft Word document. This document contains field codes that embed reference data in the document. You can share your word document without having to send the whole EndNote library.

This feature will be helpful in the following situations:

  • several people working on a manuscript or a project
  • group member shares with you a Word document or manuscript that has EndNote citation

You can export the “traveling library” from Word into a new or existing EndNote library on your computer.

You can follow the following steps:

  1. in the Word document, go to the EndNote tab, click on “Export to EndNote,”
  2. choose “Export traveling library.” You will be allowed to choose an existing library (click “Browse” to find it) or to create a new library.
  3. after the process is complete, all of the EndNote citations from the Word document will now be entered as separate citations in the EndNote library you chose.

The exporting traveling library could only work if the Word document citations create with EndNote (with EndNote coding remains/it hasn’t converted to a plain text document).

For more information, you can reach CIFOR-ICRAF library at