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New Web of Science is now your default interface

​After almost a year of upgrading Web of Science, users now can see the new Web of Science as their default interface. Clarivate introduced the first interface in November 2020.  Since then, users have been giving feedbacks that contributes to the new refined and expanded interface.

The new interface provides you with faster page loading times. It gives greater accessibility for users who may be visually or physically impaired. It also provides a more responsive design that is suitable for different screen sizes. The Advanced Search workflow has also been improved by including a query builder that reuses your search history to make it easier to combine results sets to find exactly what you need.

The new Web of Science now has two new visualization tools, including:

  • The Web of Science Author Impact Beamplots, a new visualization tool that showcases the range of a researcher’s publication and citation impact in a single data exhibit. It encourages the responsible use of metrics by using a field-normalized citation metric, not unduly penalizing researchers with gaps in their publication record or disadvantaging those who work in fields with distinctly different publication activity.
  • Enriched Cited References (beta), a new visualization tool available for select journals. It helps you to navigate the potentially overwhelming number of cited references by identifying related references (by proximity or co-citation), which references are most impactful within the article, and which section of the paper the in-text mention occurred in to infer the reference’s purpose (where available). Subscribers can view a sample of records that contain enriched cited references here.

While all core functionality has been migrated, access to the classic interface for the Web of Science is still available. If you wish to navigate back to the classic interface, you can do so by selecting Web of Science (Classic) from the Products dropdown in the upper right-hand corner of your top header.

You can watch the record session of a webinar on the new Web of Science in here. You can access Web of Science from Contact CIFOR ICRAF library at for more assistance.