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Tips for Finding Open Access Content on ScienceDirect and Web of Science (WoS)

A growing number of open access articles are now being published in gold open access journals and hybrid journals. Here are some tips to help you find open access articles on ScienceDirect and Web of Science.

  1. Generating a list of open access journals on ScienceDirect.
    From the ScienceDirect homepage ( click on ‘Journals’ in the top menu. From the ‘All access types’ menu, you can then use an ‘open access journals’ filter to get a list of fully gold publications. You can also bookmark this page ( for even quicker navigation.
  2. Generating a list of all journals on ScienceDirect that contain open access content.
    From the ‘All access types’ menu, select ‘Contains Open Access’. This will display all journals that contain gold open access content. You can then go on to filter by subject via the left-hand menu.
  3. Searching for open access articles on ScienceDirect.
    When you use the search box on ScienceDirect, you can filter the results to display only open access articles by selecting the open access option under ‘Access type’ in the left-hand menu. You can also filter by open access content in the advanced search option.
  4. Finding out if the article you are reading is open access.
    You can see whether or not a ScienceDirect article is open access by looking for an ‘open access’ label. This label is located in two places – under the article’s title and author information (underneath ‘Get rights and content’), and under the journal’s title and volume number. This label indicates that the journal is fully open access. Please check how to reuse the open access article by clicking on the hyperlink ‘Under a Creative Common license’ that provides a description of the license.
  5. Searching for open access articles in a particular journal on ScienceDirect.
    You can find out if a particular journal supports open access by looking underneath the journal title on that journal’s page. An ‘Open Access’ label beneath the journal title means that the journal is a fully gold open access journal. Clicking on this label will reveal more information about the articles within the journal. A ‘Supports Open Access’ label beneath the journal title means that although this is a subscription journal authors may choose to publish an article as an open access in the journal. Clicking on this label reveals more information about open access articles within the journal.
  6. Setting up an RSS feed for open access content from a particular journal in ScienceDirect.
    You can set up an alert whenever new open access content is published in a particular journal. On the journal’s homepage under the ‘Find out more’ menu on the right-hand side, click either ‘RSS’ if the journal is fully gold open access or ‘Open access RSS’ if the journal supports open access.
  7. Finding out if an article is open access in Web of Science.
    In your list of search results, if an article is open access it will have an open lock symbol, followed by a ‘free full text from publisher’ label underneath the article information. You can also filter search results by choosing the ‘Open Access’ option on the left-hand menu. There will be three choices of open access: all open access, gold open access and green published.