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Open Access

Library can help you to choose which journal to publish in and help you to assess the impact factor of the journals.

If you have published something or want to have your work available on open access there are a number of ways to achieve this through:

  • Self archiving in CIFOR institutional repository
  • Self archiving in a subject based repository
  • Publishing in Open Access Journals

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Publishing contract/agreement

If you are going to publish with a commercial publisher, you should read your publishing contract carefully as you may be signing away more than you think.

If your publishing contract does not stipulate or consider open access archiving of your work you can ask to have an addendum added to your agreement. See the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) Author Addendum form (PDF) or the one that specifically designed by CGIAR for you.


Publication registration

CIFOR is committed to sharing the research outputs as outlined in the CIFOR Open Access Policy.

Enhance the discoverability of your research and improve your citation rates by ensuring your publications are in the CIFOR institutional repository. Use Publication Registration to submit your final manuscript to the Library for inclusion in Publication repository.


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