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Library training materials

Index Databases Searching

  1. Scopus for beginner
  2. Web of Science for beginner
  3. CAB Abstract with CAB Direct
  4. Comparison of WoS, Scopus and Google Scholar
  5. The new Web of Science

Google Scholar

  1. CIFOR collections on Google Scholar
  2. Google Scholar and citation monitoring

Open Access Implementation

  1. Open Access publishing
  2. Comparisons between IF, SJR and SNIP

Research Data Management

  1. Research Data Management: introduction (updated 2018)
  2. Research Data Management: data management plan (updated 2018)
  3. Research Data Management: documenting your data
  4. Research Data Management: copyright
  5. Research Data Management: file organization
  6. Research Data Management: when to curate (2018)
  7. Research Data Management: survey tool with ODK-Platform
  8. Research Data Management: data collection tools with KoBo toolbox
  9. Research Data Management: publishing and sharing your data


  1. Introduction to Altmetric
  2. Promoting your research – tips and tricks
  3. Almetric workshop activities

Managing Your ID

  1. Managing your ID

Managing your Citations

  1. Managing your citations
  2. Comparison between EndNote, Zotero and Mendeley
  3. Using copyrighted materials
  4. iThenticate: what it’s for and how it works

Research collaboration using EndNote, Zotero and Mendeley

  1. Research collaboration using EndNote, Zotero and Mendeley
  2. Research collaboration using Mendeley and Zotero

Endnote Tutorial​

For Endnote tutorial you can access these following links

  1. How to use EndNote in 7 Minutes (Windows)
  2. How to use EndNote in 6 Minutes (Macintosh)
  3. Manual data entry
  4. Direct export from the Web of Science
  5. Importing PDFs
  6. Online search in online search mode
  7. Endnote groups
  8. Journal name
  9. Importing text file
  10. Converting files from Reference Manager to EndNote
  11. Cite While You Write (CWYW) adding citation to a Word document
  12. Cite While You Write (CWYW) adding citation in Apple pages
  13. Cite While You Write in OpenOffice.org
  14. CWYW: formatting the bibliography
  15. CWYW: edit and manage citations
  16. Synchronizing EndNote desktop and web libraries
  17. How to import CSV file into endnote​

More tutorials can be found here

CIFOR Style Guide

CIFOR style guide (September 2014)

SCOPUS Tutorials

For Scopus tutorial you can access these following links

  1. Quick reference guide
  2. Registering and logging in
  3. Performing a document search
  4. Advanced search
  5. Reviewing search result
  6. Reviewing documents
  7. Browsing and analyzing journals
  8. Using the personalized features
  9. Author and affiliation searching
  10. Cited reference searching
  11. How to import csv file from Scopus into EndNote

CAB Abstracts Tutorials

For CAB Abstracts tutorial you can access these following links

  1. Simple searching
  2. Advanced searching
  3. Refining searches
  4. Multiterms searching
  5. Exporting records
  6. MyCABDirect