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  • 1.

    Madera y Bosques

    Holdings: 1995 - present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Madera y Bosques is the Journal of the Environment and Sustainability Network of the Instituto de Ecología, A.C. It is published since 1995. Paper topics considered are technical and scientific previously unpublished reports about forest products technology as well as...

  • 2.

    Mammalian Genome

    Holdings: 1997 - Present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Mammalian Genome focuses on experimental, theoretical, and technical aspects of genomics and genetics in mouse, human, and other species, particularly those which bear on studies of gene function. The journal publishes original papers that present novel findings in all areas...

  • 3.

    Microbial Ecology

    Holdings: 1997 - 2008 (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    The journal Microbial Ecology was founded more than 50 years ago by Dr. Ralph Mitchell, Gordon McKay Professor of Applied Biology at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. The journal has evolved to become a premier location for the presentation of...

  • 4.

    Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change

    Holdings: 1997 - Present (Online)
    Publisher Web Site

    Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change addresses a wide range of timely environment, economic and energy topics including global climate change, stratospheric ozone depletion, acid deposition, eutrophication of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, species extinction and loss of biological diversity,...

  • 5.

    Mitra Hutan Tanaman

    Holdings: 2009 - 2012 (online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Mitra Hutan Tanaman adalah media resmi publikasi ilmiah semi populer dalam bidang hutan tanaman dari pusat penelitian dan pengembangan peningkatan produktivitas hutan dengan frekuensi terbit tiga kali setahun

  • 6.

    Molecular Biology

    Holdings: 2001 - Present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Molecular Microbiology, the leading primary journal in microbial sciences, publishes research articles reporting the results of molecular studies of eukaryotic microorganisms and of prokaryotes (bacteria and archaea) and their viruses. Studies that include genetic, biochemical, biophysical, bioinformatic and structural analysis...

  • 7.

    Molecular Biology and Evolution

    Holdings: 1984 - Present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Molecular Biology and Evolution (MBE) publishes research at the interface between molecular and evolutionary biology. The journal publishes investigations of molecular evolutionary patterns and processes, tests of evolutionary hypotheses that use molecular data, and studies that use molecular evolutionary information...

  • 8.

    Molecular Biology Reports

    Holdings: 1997 - Present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Molecular Biology Reports is an international journal on molecular and cellular biology. The journal publishes both original research papers and (mini)-reviews. Among the fields of interest are DNA replication, transcription, nucleic acid-protein interaction, RNA processing, intracellular transport, protein biosynthesis, and...

  • 9.

    Molecular breeding

    Holdings: 1997 - Present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Molecular Breeding is an international journal focused on applications of plant molecular biology: research most likely leading to practical applications with demonstrable benefits for farmers, the seed and processing industries, the environment and the consumer in both the industrialized and...

  • 10.

    Molecular Genetics and Genomics

    Holdings: 1997 - 2008 (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Molecular Genetics and Genomics covers all areas of genetics and genomics and encompasses experimental and theoretical approaches in all organisms. Research published here will be of general interest for biologists. Molecular Genetics and Genomics also publishes invited review articles of...