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    Regional Environmental Change

    Holdings: 1999 - Present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Environmental changes of many kinds are accelerating worldwide, posing significant challenges for humanity. Solutions are needed at the regional level, where physical features of the landscape, biological systems, and human institutions interact. The goal of Regional Environmental Change is to...

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    Remote Sensing

    Holdings: 2009 - Present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Remote Sensing (ISSN 2072-4292) publishes regular research papers, reviews, letters and communications covering all aspects of the remote sensing process, from instrument design and signal processing to the retrieval of geophysical parameters and their application in geosciences. Concepts of novel...

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    Renewable agriculture and food systems

    Holdings: 2002 - Present (Online Only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems (formerly American Journal of Alternative Agriculture) is a multi-disciplinary journal which focuses on the science that underpins economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable approaches to agriculture and food production. The journal publishes original research and review...

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    Revibec: revista iberoamericana de economía ecológica

    Holdings: 2004 - Present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Revibec és la revista oficial de la REDIBEC, i pretèn convertir-se en un referent acadèmic, per l'alt nivell científic dels seus continguts així com per l'interés dels temes tractats, i contribuir a la consolidació de l'economia ecològica com aproximació científica...

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    Review of Environmental Economics and Policy

    Holdings: 2007 - Present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    The Review of Environmental Economics and Policy fills the gap between traditional academic journals and the general interest press by providing a widely accessible yet scholarly source for the latest thinking on environmental economics and related policy. The Review publishes...

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    Revista Árvore

    Holdings: 2002 - Present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Revista Árvore is a technical-scientifical journal of the Sociedade de Investigações Florestais (SIF). Publishing bimonthly original papers of scientific value in the field of forestry and similar areas. Its abbreviated title is Rev. Árvore, and it should be used in...

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    Revista Mexicana de Ciencias Pecuarias

    Holdings: 2000 - Present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Its purpose is to publicize the results of research conducted by any scientific institution, of Mexico and all over the world, related to animal science , particularly those that relate to the various disciplines of Veterinary Medicine. The Journal is...

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    Rice Today: International Rice Research Institute

    Holdings: 2002 - 2014 (online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Vietnam turns back a tsunami of pesticides Modernizing Asian rice production Banking on Africa's rice potential Rice self-sufficiency: A question of geography?

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    Rural21: The International journal for rural development

    Holdings: 2005 - Present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    The international journal Rural 21 has dedicated more than 40 years to all topics surrounding rural development. Its ambition is to further those strategies and policies that strengthen rural areas of developing and newly industrialising countries and encourage their implementation....