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  • 1.

    Acta Physiologiae Plantarum

    Holdings: 1997 - Present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Acta Physiologiae Plantarum is an international journal established in 1978 that publishes peer-reviewed articles on all aspects of plant physiology. The coverage ranges across this research field at various levels of biological organization, from relevant aspects in molecular and cell...

  • 2.

    African journal of biotechnology

    Holdings: 2002 - Present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    The African Journal of Biotechnology (AJB), a new broad-based journal, is an open access journal that was founded on two key tenets: To publish the most exciting research in all areas of applied biochemistry, industrial microbiology, molecular biology, genomics and...

  • 3.

    Agricultural Research

    Holdings: 2012 - Present (online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    The National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS), established in 1990, is among the youngest of the Science Academies in India. It owes its origin to the vision of the late Dr. B. P. Pal, FRS. The Academy focuses on the...

  • 4.

    Agriculture and human values

    Holdings: 1997 - Present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    The journal Agriculture and Human Values offers an open and free discussion of values that shape current and alternative visions of food and agricultural systems, and the structures that underlie them. The journal presents interdisciplinary research that critically examines values,...

  • 5.

    Agroforestry Systems

    Holdings: 1997-2008 (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Agroforestry Systems is an international scientific journal that publishes results of original research, critical reviews and short communications on any aspect of agroforestry. Papers dealing with both biophysical and socioeconomic aspects are welcome. These include results of investigations of a...

  • 6.

    Agronomy for Sustainable Development

    Holdings: 2007 - Present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Wide-ranging coverage of agroecology and interactions between cropping systems and other activities Wide-ranging coverage of interactions between cropping systems and other activities Covers topics from farming systems to agroclimatology, food safety to social issues Agronomy for Sustainable Development offers scientific...

  • 7.

    Ambio: A Journal of the Human Environment

    Holdings: 2010 - Present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    AMBIO addresses the scientific, social, economic, and cultural factors that influence the condition of the human environment. AMBIO particularly encourages multi- or inter-disciplinary submissions with explicit management or policy recommendations. For more than 40 years AMBIO has brought international perspective...

  • 8.

    American Journal of Agricultural Economics

    Holdings: 1993 - 2007 (TEEAL)
    Publisher Web Site

    The American Journal of Agricultural Economics provides a forum for creative and scholarly work on the economics of agriculture and food, natural resources and the environment, and rural and community development throughout the world. Papers should relate to one of...

  • 9.

    Animal Health Research Reviews

    Holdings: 2000 - present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Animal Health Research Reviews provides an international forum for the publication of reviews and commentaries on all aspects of animal health. Papers include in-depth analyses and broader overviews of all facets of health and science in both domestic and wild...

  • 10.

    Annals of Botany

    Holdings: 2003 - Present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Annals of Botany is an international plant science journal with editorial offices in Australia, China, Japan, Mainland Europe, UK and USA. It is published monthly in both electronic and printed forms with at least one extra issue each year that...