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    Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology

    Holdings: 2000-2008 (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology (Prikladnaya Biokhimiya i Mikrobiologiya) presents original papers on research in the fields of biochemistry and microbiology that have or may have practical applications. The scope of coverage includes the production of enzymes, vitamins, and other biologically...

  • 2.

    Applied Economic Perspective and Policy

    Holdings: 2003 - present (Online Only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy will publish articles that achieve two objectives: to synthesize, integrate and analyze areas of current applied economic research within the mission of the AAEA in order to inform the decision-making and policy-making community; and to...

  • 3.

    Appropriate Technology

    Holdings: 2003 - Present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

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    Archives of virology

    Holdings: 1997-present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Archives of Virology publishes original contributions from all branches of research on viruses, virus-like agents, and virus infections of humans, animals, plants, insects, and bacteria. Coverage spans a broad spectrum of topics, from descriptions of newly discovered viruses, to studies...

  • 5.

    Banko Janakari: A Journal of Forestry Information for Nepal

    Holdings: 2005 - 2011 (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Banko Janakari accepts articles of interest to the broad categories of forestry professionals in general but they should be understandable to non-specialists as well.

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    Holdings: 1997 - Present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    BioControl, the official journal of the International Organization for Biological Control, presents original papers on basic and applied research in all aspects of biological control of invertebrate, vertebrate and weed pests, and plant diseases. Coverage includes biology and ecology of...

  • 7.

    Biodiversity and Conservation

    Holdings: 1997- Present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Biodiversity and Conservation is an international journal that publishes articles on all aspects of biological diversity-its description, analysis and conservation, and its controlled rational use by humankind. The scope of Biodiversity and Conservation is wide and multidisciplinary, and embraces all...

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    Publisher Web Site

    Biogeochemistry publishes original and synthetic papers dealing with biotic controls on the chemistry of the environment, or with the geochemical control of the structure and function of ecosystems. Cycles are considered, either of individual elements or of specific classes of...

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    Holdings: 2003 - 2010 (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    The leading journal in its field, Bioinformatics publishes the highest quality scientific papers and review articles of interest to academic and industrial researchers. Its main focus is on new developments in genome bioinformatics and computational biology. Two distinct sections within...

  • 10.

    Biologia Plantarum

    Holdings: 1997-2008 (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Biologia Plantarum, an international journal of experimental botany, publishes in English original research reports, review articles and brief communications ranging across all fields of plant physiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics, biotechnology, genetics, structural botany and pathology. The journal also regularly...