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    Biology and fertility of soils

    Holdings: 1997- Present (Online only)
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    This journal publishes original papers, reviews and short communications concerning fundamental and applied aspects of biology (microflora and microfauna), biochemistry and fertility of soils. Special issues on relevant topics, or based on meetings, are also considered for publication in BFS....

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    Holdings: 2003 - present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Biometrika is a journal of statistics in which emphasis is placed on papers containing original theoretical contributions of direct or potential value in applications. From time to time, papers in bordering fields are also published.

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    Holdings: 1999 - Present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Since 1964, BioScience has presented readers with timely and authoritative overviews of current research in biology, accompanied by essays and discussion sections on education, public policy, history, and the conceptual underpinnings of the biological sciences. A peer-reviewed, heavily cited, monthly...

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    Biotechnology Letters

    Holdings: 1997 - Present (Online only)
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    A leading rapid-publication primary journal dedicated to biotechnology as a whole Covers genetics and cell biochemistry, process and reactor design, pre- and post-treatment procedures, and manufacturing operations Explores applications of biological reactions affected by microbial, plant or animal cells and...

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    Holdings: 1997 - Present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Ranked by the ISI index, Biotropica is a highly regarded source of original research on the ecology, conservation and management of all tropical ecosystems, and on the evolution, behavior, and population biology of tropical organisms. Published on behalf of the...

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    Holdings: 1975 - 2013 (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    BOSQUE es publicada por la Facultad de Ciencias Forestales y Recursos Naturales de la Universidad Austral de Chile. Fundada en 1975 con una periodicidad anual, a partir de 1985 aumentó su periodicidad a semestral y desde 2003 se publican tres...

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    Holdings: 2005 - Presents (online only)
    Publisher Web Site

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    Briefings in Functional Genomics

    Holdings: 2002 - Present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    Briefings in Functional Genomics is an international forum reviewing the use, development and exploitation of functional genomic approaches in all areas of biological research. The journal provides a centralised resource for researchers in the field of functional genomics as well...

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    British journal of nutrition

    Holdings: 1947 - present (Online only)
    Publisher Web Site

    British Journal of Nutrition is a leading international peer-reviewed journal covering research on human and clinical nutrition, animal nutrition and basic science as applied to nutrition. The Journal recognises the multidisciplinary nature of nutritional science and includes material from all...

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    Bulletin of Entomological Research

    Holdings: 1993 - 2010 (TEEAL)
    Publisher Web Site

    Established in 1910, the internationally recognised Bulletin of Entomological Research aims to further global knowledge of entomology through the generalisation of research findings rather than providing more entomological exceptions. The Bulletin publishes high quality and original research papers, 'critiques' and...